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Angelique is a Voice Actor currently based in South Korea.

About Me

Angelique speaks behind a microphone in a recording studio. Photo taken by Ryan Estrada.

Can't Shut Me Up!

I sang in choirs from elementary school all the way up to university. In high school, I got into the world of stage performances, acting in musicals and community theatre into adulthood. At the same time, I became a teacher, a profession I love and am still a part of today. Somewhere along the way, I realized that my voice is the central element in everything I've done. I auditioned for my first audio drama (Big Data, see below) in 2016 and had such a blast doing it! I did a few more projects in the years that followed, but January 2019 is when I decided to take Voice Acting more seriously. Since then I've been cast in several roles, including for audio dramas, animated films, video game mods, and podcast narration. I'm having such a great time doing this work! And I'm not looking back.

Macy Oliver, as drawn by Ryan Estrada and voiced by Angelique Lazarus.

First Project

My first ever audio drama project was Big Data, where I played Macy Oliver in Episode 3: Motivation. Created, produced, and directed by Ryan Estrada, Big Data is a comedy crime caper that takes 100% real concepts, like the seven keys to the internet, cyber police, and more, and turns it into an anthology of nerdy crime stories tied together by a global plan to end the internet. 

Listen to Big Data
Icon for the Varial audio drama, which Angelique is in as Jeannie McLellan.

Current Project

These days I am working on my first recurring role, playing Jeannie McLellan in the Varial audio drama (starting from Ep. 11). This AD is a companion to the indie table top RPG, and is an adventure into a world of magic, intrigue and mystery. 

Listen to Varial

Recent & Upcoming Projects

Thumbing Through

I play a mysterious woman who gives a hitchhiker a lift. He gets a bit more than he bargained for with her. ;) 

Listen here!

Dr. Who Rebirth

A fan-made audio drama to be released in June 2019.

I play a Serva Droid whose master has an ...unhealthy fascination with The Doctor. 

Watch the Trailer

The Kingery

Season 10, Episode 05. Coming soon!

I play Cheenik, Reenik, and Deenik, a family belonging to an alien race.

Coming Soon

Contact Me

Please get in touch with any questions, collaboration ideas, or project proposals you may have. 

I already can't wait to get started!

Angelique Voices

Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

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